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Phuket Fishing - Andaman Deep Sea Fishing

Phuket Fishing, Andaman Deep Sea Fishing Andaman Deep Sea Fishing Fishing in Phuket Fishing Phuket

Phuket Island, Thailand, also known as the 'Jewel of the Andaman' is the base for fishing in the Andaman sea. Thais say 'Kho Phuket' for Phuket Island.

Surrounded by smaller unspoilt pristine islands with pearly white sandy beaches, coconut palms, virgin rain forest and clear blue waters, not many places in the world can compete with its outstanding tropical natural beauty. Phuket island and its tropical surroundings in the Andaman Sea provide a superb scenery for fishing holidays andliveboard or bareboat fun fishing.

With one day or extended fishing cruises available, you have the opportunity to enjoy a relaxed fishing with Phuket Sea Fishing choosing your own destinations to enjoy schnorkling, diving or simply just relaxing in the sun aboard your own privately chartered yacht. Fishing Phuket and Andaman Sea Itineries

You can visit secluded beaches, on un-inhabited islands, go whale spotting, or simply sail into the sunset on your sailing yacht. Visits to Malaysia or Myanmar are also possible to round your yacht charter holidays. Langkawi Island, the Burma Banks, the Merqui Archipelago and more Andaman Islands are available destinations for fishing cruises.

Too many visitors to Phuket restrict their holiday to the main island with its thriving tourism centre of Patong beach and miss the chance of an unforgettable experience to discover hundreds of unspoiled idyllic anchorages around this popular bluewater holiday destination.

When deep sea fishing in Phuket - there are no daily battles for a place in an overcrowded bay, at most places yours will be the only yacht in sight.

Phuket has emerged as the star performer in Thailand’s thriving tourism industry. With beautiful beaches, a warm winter climate and isolated islands millions of tourists are lured are from colder climates each year. These are exactly the kind of attractions that those fishing sailing boats are so much better positioned to seek out and enjoy.

In Phuket good fishing is available all year around. The rainy period between June-August, when the seas can get quite rough, is particularly well suited for sailfish. During this season, gamefishing boats generally fish in the lee of islands such as Racha Noi and Racha Yai. Late November is a good time to go after marlin, tuna and any number of other fighting fish. The monsoons have settled in late November, and the fish are biting.

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