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Q What do I have to now about Yacht Rental with Phuket Fishing?
A Living in Thailand is speaking 'Heart Talk' - 'Jai' the Thai word for "heart" is referred to many ways of life. When Westerners would listen to their head it is that Thais listen to their heart and have to feel 'Sabai Jai' - literally translated to 'Pleasant Heart' with their choices of sailing boat for your Andaman Sea Fishing Holidays. This is how we would like you to feel about us as you your sea fishing charter company in Phuket Thailand for your liveaboard charter holidays.

Q Can I book liveaboard charters for fishing in Phuket in Patong Beach?
A Certainly - we can arrange to meet you in Patong Beach while our offices and most of our boats are located in the bay of Chalong, also home to the Marina Phuket. But even easier - use our convenient Phuket Fishing Boats Charter Booking Form.

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